Without any effort for the nurse!

pulla the transporting sheet



Do you know the problem – patients slide down in bed? aacurat has a simple and brilliant solution ready.

The transporting sheet pulla moves the patients easily back towards the headboard of the bed. No shear forces emerge during the movement. Simply by pushing a button on the control panel, which is fixed to the frame of pulla. If the patient slips towards the foot end, the transporting sheet is used to move the patient back upwards. pulla consists of a stable, height-adjustable frame with an electrically driven transport shaft. The frame is just placed next to the head of the bed.

Without large installation effort: unpack, set up, ready.

The patient lies on the transport sheet as on a conventional sheet. The transport sheet is 4 m long and consists of 100% cotton. It can also be cleaned hygenically at 90 °C in the washing machine. An additional absorbent pad can be easily used with pulla. The transport sheet is rolled up at the foot end of the bed and unwinds automatically.

pulla makes it much easier and more comfortable for both sides. The patient suffers no pain when repositioning and the nurse requires a lot less effort.

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Transport sheet


article no. 8265901

Distance holder


article no. 8266002
für beds with external motors

Fitted sliding sheet


article no. 8265903
to enhance the sliding properties of rough matresses.
for matrasses 90 x 200 cm.
max. patient weight: 300 kg



pulla the transporting sheet
article no. 8266001
load capacity: 150 kg
lifting speed: approx. 30mm/s
motor: electric motor 230 V / 50 Hz ; 190 W
operation duration: 7 min (KB 3 min.)
protection category: IP 21
3 m power cord
control by electric button
weight: 11 kg
transport sheet: 80 x 400 cm, 100% cotton

Made in Germany


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