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Indications/accessory no.


Considerable to fully pronounced impairment of the change of body position and walking, mostly in the case of neuromuscular damage, amputations of a lower extremity(ies) or neurological diseases.

  • When other transfer and lifting aids cannot and/or can no longer be used.
  • To facilitate the change of position and short distance transport within the home by an assistant/carer.


accessory no.

The innovative 2-in-1 lift genius from aacurat convinces with absolute flexibility in use. It can be used as a standing-uplift and as sling lift. The conversion is carried out without tools and without additional parts – see for yourself.


1 … as hoist from sitting to standing position

A modern hoist corset provides spinal column support and allows the patient to be lifted up by genius in a stable and comfortable way. The posterior area is free. The hoisting procedure can be effected till a standing position is reached.


2 … as hoist with fabric sling

genius offers a substantial height for multipurpose lifting applications. It also allows a hoisting from the floor.

genius is a versatile helper for the care in everyday life.

Converting the lift ...


The genius hoist can be easily transformed by hand from one function to the other without additional separate individual parts!

2 Applications = 1 Lift

1. genius as hoist from sitting to standing position

2. genius as multipurpose sling hoist

genius Measurements ...


aacurat genius Patientenlift Maße


Upon request

as custom build

Low carraige height on demand Allows moving under heights lower than 60 mm resp. 90 mm

Rädersatz für Unterfahrbarkeit 60 mm

genius.Video & Technical Specifications


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Hebehilfe genius UniversalLift
article no. 8805000

  • load capacity: 175 kg
  • weight: 52 kg
  • lifting speed: approx. 30 mm/s
  • rechargeable battery 24 V
  • electrically lifting
  • electrically supported spread
  • remote control
  • electric protection categroy IP 44
  • Made in Germany 

genius.Request & Order

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    Menge Produktbild Bezeichnung Artikel-Nr. Preis
    (inkl. MwSt.)
    genius UniversalLift kpl. mit Unterschenkelstütze 175 kg 8805000 € 5.416,88
    Unterschenkelstützen einzeln verstellbar, Mehrpreis 8806002 € 245,14
    Aufrichtkorsett AK 8806000 € 803,85
    Aufricht-Korsett AK für genius klein, AK-S (small) 8806001 € 799,68
    Digitalwaage 200 kg universal, nicht eichfähig 8803100 € 1.006,74
    Fußhalter mit Riemen 8823300 € 245,14
    Rädersatz 125/100 mm, Mehrpreis 8277290 € 212,06
    Rädersatz für Unterfahrbarkeit von 90 mm, Mehrpreis 8277291 € 145,78

    Die anfallenden Versandkosten werden im Angebot/auf der Auftragsbestätigung ausgewiesen.
    *kann vom tatsächlichen Aussehen abweichen!

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