The wall hoist – fixed stationary and mobile.

CURATOR patient hoist

It is absolutely important for the patient to be transported gently and securely from one place to another. aacurat has a smart, space-saving product for you – the CURATOR patient hoist.

The design is easy to install with several individual fastening possibilities on the wall or anywhere in the room. The CURATOR wall lift is stationary and mobile.

By simply suspengin it in and out of the wall the lift can be used in all rooms where wall brackets are mounted. It can be transported easily due to the wheels and castors.
The CURATOR patient hoist of aacurat is made of high-quality corrosion-free materials. This makes for a long service life. In addition, the CURATOR is an absolute lightweight. After lifting the person turning, rotating and lifting can easily be done with just one hand! The controls for this are integrated in new shaping in the grip.

CURATOR can be used everywhere where it is needed in everyday life.

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CURATOR patient hoist
  • artilce no. 8235001
  • load capacity: 140 kg
  • lifting speed: approx. 20mm/s
  • motor: electirc motor 230 V / 50 Hz ; 180 W; 0,8 A
  • operation duration: 1 min. / 9 min.
  • protection category: IP 56
  • 3,5 m power cord
  • control system: pneumatic
  • pushbuttons integrated into the grip
  • materials: corrosion resistant steel,
  • aluminum and plastic
  • surface: powder coated
  • colour: white
  • weight: approx. 20 kg
  • mechanical emergency lowering

Made in Germany

Electronical scale
Artikel-Nr. 8235002
complete with mounting and accessories
battery operated
Remote control

Remote control
Artikel-Nr. 8245600

remote control with 1.5 m spiral cord



Wall fixings

Artikel-Nr. 8267201
for all masonry
complete with all components
possible distance pieces: all DZ-P




article no. 8223701
for concrete and solid masonry
complete with bolts
possible distance pieces: all DZ

article no. 8267301 wall fixing set WHS-80-E CURATOR only at one side of the wall
article no. 8267401 wall fixing set WHS-80-B CURATOR at both sides of the wall

for light construction walls
possible distance pieces: all DZ-P


Different wall distances can be eliminated by using distance pieces.

Artikel-Nr. 8233601 DZ 10 10 x 165 mm
Artikel-Nr. 8233701 DZ 20 20 x 165 mm
Artikel-Nr. 8233801 DZ 40 40 x 230 mm
Artikel-Nr. 8233901 DZ 80 80 x 230 mm
Artikel-Nr. 8206901 DZ 100 100 x 270 mm
More distance pieces on demand.

Fixings independent from the wall

article no. 8239601
fixed on the floor
compl. with all mounting components

article no. 8269802
mounted on the floor and attached to the wall.

article no. 8234301
spread between the floor and the ceiling
no mounting material needed.


Artikel-Nr. 8236000
For installation in drywall stand walls. Mounting on floor and ceiling. Made of galvanized metal and BIMP wood plate. For mounting of WHS-TS incl. mounting accessory (without WHS-TS)



Mobilitätsaufhebung / -einschränkung bei Gebrauchsunfähigkeit und / oder erheblicher Minderung der oberen und unteren Extremität (z.B. Tetraplegie bei Querschnittslähmung oder muskulär bedingte Funktionsstörung der oberen und unteren Extremität), die eine selbständige Nutzung anderer Lifter oder Umsetzhilfen nicht mehr zulässt.

article no.


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The aacurat team has over 20 years of experience in the field of development and design, as well as in the use and application of patient lifts. Both in the stationary as well as in home care, our lifters at home and abroad have its worth. Since 2011, we have the PPS + ventral- system to a dedicated tool for intensive care. Development, design and manufacturing in Hüttlingen, Germany.